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Henchi Goldberg is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New Jersey. She has her Masters in Social Work from the University of New England. Henchi maintains a private practice and serves as the high school clinical social worker for BYP. Henchi works as a Somatic Practitioner healing the effects of stress and trauma. Henchi has trained in EMDR, CBT, DBT, and eating disorders with the FBT/ Maudsley method and has worked from hospitalization to recovery. She is DARe trained, and works with attachment disruptions, with a focus on repair and healing. She has worked with the 12 steps in Montreal Canada. She has trained in sex addictions in the work of Dr. Patrick Carnes. Henchi will incorporate these as well as other modalities, and believes in a holistic approach to best serve the needs of each individual. She has trained in numerous parenting approaches, and draws from her own personal experience as a mom of a large family as well. Henchi lectures to educators and students, carrying messages of hope and healing and how to best integrate the whole person in the learning environment.

Henchi Goldberg is a professional member of NASW and NEFESH organizations. 

About Henchi Goldberg

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Somatic Practitioner.

Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Trauma, Addictions,

Self-Harming Behaviors, Relationships, Parenting, and more.

You don't have to be alone.

There is hope.

There is healing.

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