Trauma Healing

As an SRT therapist, similar to SE trauma healing,  I will work with you in a gentle and understanding manner to help your body heal from the stresses and trauma that may be impacting your ability to function and live a life worth living.  Whether you are struggling with a "big Trauma" or “little trauma”, or a combination of both, or you can't even remember what it is that makes you so stressed or triggered, somatic work is a gentle method for healing uncomfortable or unpleasant sensations in the body.  

I would be privileged to work with you and help you discover the peace and healing you deserve.

Trauma is not based on the actual event, it is in the nervous system.  There is no shame here.  There is no guilt here.  Please don't ever feel that "it wasn't a big deal" and " I should have gotten over it by now”.  Each person, situation, and occurrence is unique and I would be privileged to work with you and help you find the peace and healing you deserve.  

About Henchi Goldberg

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Somatic Practitioner.

Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Trauma, Addictions,

Self-Harming Behaviors, Relationships, Parenting, and more.

You don't have to be alone.

There is hope.

There is healing.

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